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There are a few basic rules in submitting art which you should know. These are all added on to the DA rules, so they will not be repeated here.

No photographs!
Unless it is a photograph of a statue, stuffed animal, outfit, wood carving, etc, please do not submit pictures! Pictures of your stickers and poster locations are just propaganda and cannot be truly called art. The only exceptions in photography are if it is truly an artistic photo. Lighting, angle, color, so on and so forth is looked at. I'm not a stickler for photos, so it either has to be really neat or something I just simply can't argue with.

Do your best!
Though the quality of your art doesn't matter, please actually try on them! If you scribble up a stick figure in a matter of seconds, it's easier to tell than when someone simply doesn't draw as well as others.

Be related to the Army Of Toy Soldiers! Edited by Sgt. Dutch
Since our former leaders retirement, the Army of Toy Soldiers has started a fresh, concentrating on the talents within. Your submission should be related to The Army, be it soldiers, robots, propaganda, or similar. If it's related to Doctor Steel, it will be put in the Archives of Steel. Doctor Steel's last instructions to the Army and to the Administrators was to be left in peace and no longer promoted.


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