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Greeting comrades!

Sergeant Dutch here, and probably a little introduction is in order for those of you who may have been out of the loop for a while.

I'm the co-Administrator/Owner of Toy Soldiers Unite. Commander JET brought me on to help after Sgt. Kato quit and Doctor Steel retired. My responsibilities include not only helping to run the Digital Bunker, but also our outposts on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Youtube.

At this point it's probably prudent to address the matter of Doctor Steel's retirement. As I imagine quite a few of you know, late 2010 he announced work on a new album, however midway 2011 we were informed of his retirement. His reasons are varied, and we didn't get an actual confirmation from himself till he sent a letter to Commander JET.  From that point on, the Army of Toy Soldiers, and was independent from Doctor Steel. His profiles were closed, his websites deleted, his email disabled. Indeed it was a sad time for the Army, and we had to rebuild from scratch.

And we have. We've rebuilt the digital bunker from scratch, we have thousands of Toy Soldiers who decided to stick with it, not because of the Doc, but because of the Army itself, because of the community. Invasions are still being done, propaganda is still being spread, and recently we've even started TSU-TV, including shows made by Toy Soldiers FOR Toy Soldiers.

The rumours that the Army is dead has been greatly exaggerated, and our focus is no longer on one individual, but the Toy Soldiers themselves. The makers, the hackers, the creators, the artists, the musicians, the writers, the filmmakers, the engineers, the talents of everyone that can be harnessed to create a Utopian Playland, to take/make over the world into a better place! To build the robots!

In this vein, we've felt that DeviantArt and the Toy Soldiers here have been wrongly ignored, and this marks the start of a revival so to speak. We'll regularly post links and news from and about the Army, the stuff we love, the things we do.

And I invite you to join us. Join us in our Digital Bunker where we make merry, where we plot, where we build, where we continue to work towards embracing our talents and creativity!

Sergeant Dutch
TSU Administrator
:bulletblack::bulletred:News time!:bulletred::bulletblack:

I know I said I was gonna take all month long to vote... But let's make do with this week. :'D

Leave comments with what you vote should be a featured image from each folder. I'll tally them all together at the end of the week!
Please go through the folders and find links to the one you like from each. And tell me what's for what folder, to be helpful. ^^;

Also- another reminder to be sure to submit your images to the right folders!
If you submitted your piece under Digital Art, obviously it'll be digital. Get it?
(Tip- I do consider altering Photos as photographs unless it is so altered that it may as well be digital.)
:bulletblack::bulletred:News time!:bulletred::bulletblack:

Since there was no argument against the idea mentioned in the previous blog, I'll go ahead and get started on sorting things into different folders and make a bi-monthly featured images article. :) The first bunch will be out in January and will give you all some time to submit what you can to get a chance at being in it.
I'll post once sometime mid-December to ask for suggestions from each folder. I'll take the suggestions and look over em with the contributors (if they're alive |D) and we'll pick the best out of the group. (Unless, of course, there's an overwhelming vote in one group.)
So while I may have some part of this, know that it'll be you guys that truly have a say in what goes into the featured images. So that requires, y'know, interaction! :D

Expect folders to come shortly, I feel I won't have to explain any of them. They'll simply be things such as Traditional, Digital, Photographs, etc. I'll also make a Artisan folder for anything you may put in that section when submitting to dA- sculpture, knitting, etc etc.
One other folder we will be adding will be for those of you who wish to submit to the TSU newsletter. There are no restrictions to what kind of art you can submit, as far as I know, and released quarterly so you have some time to submit to that as well. The folder- and all submissions in it- will be deleted once the news letter comes out and replaced with another folder for the next one, so you will have to submit your work again if you want it in and it didn't get added.
Leave a comment or send a note if you want to add one of your already submitted works into this folder, since dA won't allow you to submit anything to the same group twice. It's not too difficult, so don't be shy. :)

Remember- the Featured folder will be saved for the Featured images... That means you'll have to submit your work to the right folder in the submission process. Moving works from folder to folder isn't difficult... But it can be irritating when no one even attempts to submit it correctly. :( I don't say No to anything Steel-related yet, I don't want to start just because no one's paying attention to folders.
:bulletblack::bulletred:News time!:bulletred::bulletblack:

Well, I check in on the group to find a note from CptCog stating the following:
Please, can you send us some artwork for the newsletter? it doesn't matter whether it's mono color or multi. Its just that we NEED art, and no one's sent any in. Make this a shout out for artwork!
So, if you are interested in having your art in the TSU newsletter, send your work to him at this email address- :D Send in your best work, guys!

I have just a small idea, since contests seem to be off for the time being. If you know of my other club, Inhvmans, you know that I usually make a bimonthly feature, taking something from every section of the submissions to put up in the news every other month. I was wondering how well that would work here if I should try it. Perhaps even let you guys suggest which should be featured and add the suggesters' name(s) to the article as well...? What do you think?
Of course, if I should try this, this also puts on pressure to you guys to submit your work to the correct folder once I reorganize everything. I don't want to have to resort to saying no to any submissions because so many people aren't paying attention to folders, now.
So vote on it. Yay or nay? I'll give to the end of the month to see what you guys think about it.
:bulletblack::bulletred:News time!:bulletred::bulletblack:

Edit: Now he's selling off the puppets he had used in his actual show! Have a look and see if you can nab any of em! Ends tomorrow at midnight!
(Anyone who's worried, He's making automated puppets so it's not like he's closing anything down. :))

Well, it seems that our watchers and members are steadily growing! :D Keep up with the spreading of the word of Steel!

For those who don't already know just yet, check it out!. Authentic stuffs from Steel himself! A buzzsaw baby and an original drawing are up for auction, and a limited number of blueprints signed and numbered for only thirty bucks! Have at it!

In other small things- you all like tinfoil hats? Click the 'Reprint' button and then look on your profile for a surprise! =P For those who don't already know about it, anyway... Too bad I can't get one for the group!
Another small non-related thing I'd like to tell everyone about- ever hear of You can basically offer something to do or make and charge people five bucks for it. It's a great way to make money! ....if you can sell anything, anyhow. ;) Examples and shameless advertizement. If any of ya'll have some accounts, I'd gladly post em on this journal for you. It'd be some free action for however long this post lasts, eh?

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